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My book has been officially launched!
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And available locally at Campers Village and Prana Yoga Studio.


My name is Jane Marshall. I’m a writer, traveler, and meditator. Let me use my pen to take you trekking to the stony silence of the Himalayas, skiing through powdery glades, backpacking along cedar-lined paths, and to places you’ve dreamed of visiting.

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From gear testing to newspaper, magazine, and web articles, to stories written especially for this site, to meditation and yoga classes, I’ll track down beyond-the-ordinary travel spots and give you tips on how to best enjoy them. Family adventure travel, extreme skiing, remote hikes, and spiritual sanctuaries. If this sounds like your style of travel, then…


Explore with me.



I never could have finished my seven year book project without the kindness of the people of Tsum Valley, Nepal. I co-founded The Compassion Project with three Tsum-born members to help give back. We were in the process of hiring two teachers and a health worker when the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12 rocked Nepal. Many of the places I write about in my book have been reduced to rubble; 90% of homes are destroyed. 

Please consider giving through our grass roots organization. We are all volunteers and work at the local level through our contacts in the valley and in Kathmandu. Thank you!



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